Pastured Berkshire Pork

Fed NO Corn, NO Soy.

   Nothing GMO!

       No antibiotics. No hormones.

          No Chemicals.

             Just AWESOME PORK!

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Berkshire is BEST!

Berkshire pigs are a heritage breed–originating  in England where they were specially bred for the king’s own personal, excellent meat supply. Berkshire pork is the the “Kobe beef” of the pork world, and is the most highly sought after pork in the world.  It is prized for its juiciness, flavor, marbling, and tenderness. Berkshire pork is visibly different from commodity pork –“The Other White Meat.”

Our pork is pink and has a more robust flavor. This is due to the shorter muscle fibers and natural marbling afforded by the genetics of the animal, and the low-stress environment on our farm.


Our pigs are free to root and run in the pastures, rather then locked up in a small barn prison cell like pork from the store. Pigs raised on dirt have a higher mineral content.  Our pork bones make excellent, mineral rich bone broths.

Our sows give birth in “nests” they build for themselves in the pasture or barn, and are never penned in gestation crates. We never dock tails or cut teeth.

“GREENER” than our grass!

In addition to grazing our pasture, we feed our own excess raw milk as well as “grocery store” dairy products we get from a local distributor.

This keeps these high protein feed sources out of the landfill and provides a high quality source of lysine–which tends to be the limiting amino acid in pig rations when soy isn’t being fed.

We are one of the very few Kansas City farms feeding NO Soy, No Corn, and NOTHING GMO.

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If you are interested in a whole or half hog, we butcher on a fairly regular basis. Call to pre-order for the next up-coming butcher date. We will have the butcher call you to complete your cut sheet.

Whole Hog: $3.25/lb hanging weight, plus butcher fees.

Half Hog: $3.50/lb hanging weight, plus butcher fees.

Butcher Fees:

We butcher at Paradise Meat Locker in Trimble.  They are USDA certified and also carry several “Humane Slaughter” certifications.

Slaughter and Disposal Fee:$47 ($23.50 for a half)

Cut and package:  $0.70/lb of hanging weight (Cryovac with ground in chubs)

Add $0.75/lb for curing (bacon, hams, smoked)

$2.25/lb for Apple Brats $2.50/lb for Italian Sausage: Minimum 20 lbs


Whole Hog: $2.00/lb hanging weight, plus butcher fees.                    Half Hog: $2.25/lb hanging weight, plus butcher fees.

On average, Hanging Weight = 72% of Live Weight                                                       Commercial Cuts = 67% of Hanging Weight

A 275 lb hog will have a hanging weight of approx. 198 lbs and will yield approximately 133 lbs of commercial cuts.  Whole hog cost of $2/lb x hanging weight to us would be about  $396 plus butcher fees of about $138.60 plus $47 slaughter fee  = $581.60 (plus curing fees if you get bacon or ham).  So that would equal about $4.37/lb.  THAT IS A GREAT DEAL on Berkshire, pastured pork fed NO SOY, NO CORN, NOTHING GMO!!

AND  …  There is a lot of good meat between the hanging weight (HW) and the commercial cuts weights (CW). These are what we call the oddments. They don’t sell well in the stores but they’re good eating.  We recommend you save the bones for broth (our pork bones make EXCELLENT bone broth because our pigs are on good dirt!), and you can take the whole head and try your hand at headcheese, or have the jowl cured for jowl bacon, and save the snout, ears. and organs for your pets. So if you get the odd bits, your price per lb is even LOWER.

So ACT FAST!!  CALL US ASAP to reserve your half or whole hog!

The meat is usually available in about 2-3 weeks once it is done curing.  If you’d like your meat delivered to your home, there is a $25 delivery charge. Or you can arrange to meet us at the butcher, at the farm, or at one of our normal weekly drop points.