Grass-Finished Jersey-Cross Beef

​Fed No Grain.  Nothing GMO!

No antibiotics. No hormones.             No Chemicals.                    Just tasty, healthy beef!

Order individual cuts of beef through the shop.

Jersey Beef is THE BEST!

Did you know that in blind taste-tests, Jersey beef ranks #1 in flavor and tenderness? Holstein is #2.

Our dairy genetics steers/bulls generally get to nurse their mom’s 12 hours each day until they are about 10 months old. Like their mamas, they are supplemented with barley grass fodder, fermented non-GMO alfalfa, organic hay, and a cafeteria of over 18 different free-choice minerals to ensure their beef is juicy, tender, and nutrient-dense without feeding any grain. Access to their mother’s milk ensures the calves get plenty of rich Jersey cream and protein without feeding grains, and our calves have stronger immune systems.

Jersey fat tends to have more beta-carotene, resulting in golden colored marbling. One reason it is important to buy beef that is raised on pasture and hay not sprayed with chemical herbicides and pesticides is that these toxic chemicals are bio-concentrated in the fat, meat, and bones of the animal. Instead of high densities of toxic chemicals, our animals have high bio-concentrations of minerals and nutrients!

Our beef animals  are rotationally grazed to ensure constant access to fresh pastures, avoid parasites, and eliminate the need for chemical wormers.

Our ground beef is EXTREMELY lean–like you might have to add some extra oil to fry your garlic and onions with the burger. 

Do you get confused about which cuts are what, where they come from on a cow, and how to best cook them? The beef pages on  are really simple and straightforward to help you make decisions regarding which cuts might “meat” your needs for dinner tonight. Check it out!

Want a BIG SAVINGS!?  Buy a Whole, Half, or Quarter beef!

We have 4 beef halves in the freezer right now with discounted prices. Check ’em out HERE in the shop.


*Whole $3.65/lb hanging weight, plus butcher fees

*Half $3.75 hanging weight, plus butcher fees

*Quarter (split-half) $3.90 hanging weight, plus butcher fees

Butcher Fees:

We butcher at Paradise Meat Locker in Trimble. They are USDA certified and also carry several “Humane Slaughter” certifications.

Slaughter and Disposal Fee:$60 ($30 for a half. $15 for a quarter)

Cut and package: $0.70/lb of hanging weight. Cryovac packaging.

Cutting/Boning: KC Strip and Fillets, boneless chuck roast or arm roast; $10 per quarter.

Click here to open the whole/half/quarter beef order form and cut sheet.  It will help explain your processing options, and let you define how you want your meat butchered.
We will have Paradise Locker call you to fill out the official cutsheet over the phone.

Hanging weight refers to the weight of the carcass after it has been gutted & skinned. For a pure-dairy animal, the hanging weight will be approximately 55% of the live weight.

How Much Meat Will I Get?

Depending on how you have the animal butchered and whether you keep all of the liver, heart, tongue, kidney, and broth bones, you can expect to take home cuts equal to approximately 55%-78% of the hanging weight. An animal that is a beef/dairy cross will have slightly higher yields than a pure dairy animal. If you count all of the organ meat and soup bones in the calculation of take home meat, the yield is closer to 78% of the hanging weight. Our most recent pure-beef breed bull yielded 83% take home of the hanging weight, including soup bones, liver, tongue, heart, and kidney.

How much beef will I get from a whole, half, or quarter?  And how much will I REALLY save? Click here for a detailed spreadsheet illustration of exactly what cuts we got from recently butchered steers and what your savings could be.  (Up to 26% off!)

Upcoming Butcher Dates

We will have 2 young bulls and an older cow that didn’t breed back that will be that will be ready for butcher in Spring 2018. Call now to reserve.