Welcome to Be Whole Again Farm

Have you struggled to find real food to nourish and heal your family?

Congratulations! Your search is over!  Welcome to the farm that will not only feed your family, but provide the education, tools, and community to help you achieve vibrant health and life in harmony!

For years I struggled with my own weight management, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances. After watching my extended family suffer with auto-immune diseases, digestive issues, allergies, eczema, ADHD & more, I set out  to discover the root causes and the root cures of these ailments. After receiving training in Functional Nutrition and  several natural healing diagnostic methods and healing modalities, and returning to a traditional foods diet, I became convinced that dietary changes can provide significant improvement and even full resolution of MOST chronic illnesses plaguing people today.

But I also came to understand that farming methods have a significant impact on the nutrient density of foods and whether they trigger negative reactions.  As I made recommendations to my health coaching clients regarding the changes they needed to make to their diets, I realized that in some cases, these foods weren’t even readily available.

It became our dream to open a Transformation Center where we could offer nutrition and life coaching, plus a support community that would co-create the foods that we ALL need for true Body, Mind, and Spirit healing.

In 2011, we moved from Utah to Excelsior Springs, MO and began raising pastured milk, meat, and eggs, and building fertility in our gardens to produce the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.  We pay special attention to genetics, feeding, and production methods that maximize health in the animals and our clients, heal the soil, and are sustainable for the long-haul.

We know our food is contributing to people’s healing–because we hear every day from customers who share their own personal stories of returning to wholeness.

After spending the majority of the past 6 years knee -deep in the daily grind of farming, building infrastructure, and improving fertility, we are just about ready to re-launch our health coaching business and roll out Whole Academy and the “Whole Farmily” –which will offer opportunities to work on the farm for points toward food, fun, a variety of classes for adults and children.

Be sure to Sign Up through button above to be the first to hear when our coaching and community programs are LIVE! After you confirm your subscription, you will be invited to take a very short survey. We’d greatly appreciate your input so we can roll out the classes and products that will best meet your urgent health and food related concerns.

Browse the website to buy some raw milk, meats, and eggs.
​To your harmony and health!

Rachel, Scott and the whole Moser Farmily!